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Minor Surgery

Minor Surgery service offered to our patients and also to patients referred from neighbouring other general practises.

This service by appointment only Appointment can be made by contacting the surgery reception.

Minor Surgery – Patient Information

This is intended to provide you with information regarding your minor surgery within the Dr. Poolo’s Surgery, Rush Green Medical Centre and aim is to answer any questions that you or your carer may have following discussion with the doctor at your recent minor surgery clinic.


❗ Disclaimer

This information is provided in general nature this may change as per each specific surgery. Please discuss with your care provider.

Why have you been given an appointment for Minor Surgery?

 Your doctor has referred you for a small operation (minor surgery) as we either need to completely remove a lesion from your body, called an excision or take a sample from the lesion, called a biopsy.

Your Appointment

Please arrive in good time for the operation. Your minor operation will probably take average of 30minutes

If you feel nervous, we suggest that you arrange to bring a friend or relative for moral support.

All young people under the age of sixteen must accompany with parent or guardians.

You don’t have to be fasting for minor surgeries

Your Consent

You will need to sign a consent form before beginning the surgical procedure:

Less than 16 years of age, parent or guardian must sign the consent form.

Consent form will indicate what procedure will take place and you are agreeing to it.

The Operation

The operation will be done under a local anaesthetic.

Although you will be awake the initial injection will be uncomfortable.

You may have to lie flat and will need to lie still for the duration of the procedure. 


Stitches will be removed in 7 to 10 days depending on the site of your wound.

You are advised to make an appointment for follow up and suture removal at the reception.

What to expect after the operation

The patient must remain in the Health Centre for at least 30 minutes

You will have a dressing covering your wound. ·          

If there is any concern such as increasing pain, excessive bleeding, discharge, we advise you to contact the surgery for advice.

Once the local anaesthetic wears off you may feel a little sore. The pain should respond well to regular paracetamol and or Neurofen tablets

We advise you to check your biopsy results with us in the surgery or with your referring GP.

Common / Likely Risks

Following any surgery to the skin there will be a scar.

There may be some loss of sensation to the area of skin.

 There may be some bleeding and bruising after the surgery.

Rarer risks

Rarely  the wound may become infected. The signs include increase pain with bleeding or discharge with or without fever. If it occurs contact us or your referring GP for advice.

There is a rare risk of nerve injury leading to loss of motor nerve function such as eyebrow / eyelid and shoulder drop when surgery is deeper.

Concerns and Queries

If you have any concerns/queries about any of the services offered by us, in the first instance, please speak to the person providing your care

Further Information

If you would like any further information or wish to discuss any details of your care further please contact our reception to organise an appointment with the doctor or nurse to discuss further


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