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Long Term Conditions – Annual Health Reviews

We are enormously grateful to all our patients for bearing with us over this time of covid.

Due to covid social distancing rules, it was necessary to defer much of our routine work, including long-term condition reviews.  This has resulted in a backlog of reviews from April to date (Sept 2020).  As we try to settle into the “new normal”, we are reviewing which elements of this workload can continue to be safely deferred, and what we will action now.

What next?

We are fortunate in that we have already embedded “digital first” solutions into our new way of working (such as online consultations or utilising text and video). This has enabled our clinical team to be more responsive to patients’ needs for clinical input.  In the main, patients appear to have welcomed these changes.

We are now in a position to re-commence the annual health reviews for long-term conditions.

You need take no action until we contact you. If you have a long-term condition and we have a contact mobile number or email address for you, you will receive a text message or an email from us with further information, instructions and if applicable, to relevant links.

Watch our video to hear Dr Skellern explain the changes and benefits of our new way of working or you can read more about the new process by clicking the link below. 

Blood pressure readings

If your review requires a blood pressure reading, it is now widely recognised that when used correctly, home readings provide the most accurate data.

If you are considering the purchase of a blood pressure monitor, the British Heart Foundation  BHF provide independent advice on how to choose and use a reliable blood pressure monitor.

Published: Dec 17, 2020


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